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Yet Another Ashlee Update

I don't know why I'm enjoying this - maybe it's because someone finally got caught lipsynching. The very idea of lipsynching bothers me. So anyway, on the news tonight, Ashlee told what's-his-face-that-used-to-do-TRL that she'd lost her voice because she gets really bad acid reflux. *boggles*

a) I've never heard of acid reflux causing someone to lose their voice. If it's happened to you, please prove me wrong.
b) It's called PRESCRIPTION MEDICATION. You don't have to get acid reflux at all if you take meds!
c) Teenagers CAN have acid reflux, but it's pretty rare.

Just... o_O Couldn't she think up a better excuse??

They just showed a fashion show for charity on the news where many of the outfits were made of chocolate. From the photos, I'd guess they kept it pretty cold in there, because nothing was melting...

Enron by the Sea! :)) I'm even more glad I moved now.

My extra icons are expiring this week. Wah. I'd offer sex in exchange for icons but I think I'm coming down with a cold - I have a very sore throat. More wah.

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