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OMG Ashlee screwed up! They were TOTALLY playing her recording and she wasn't singing, kids. And the band kept playing and she danced a bit but then left the stage, and they cut to commercial. At the end, she acted all embarassed and said that the band played the wrong song, but I don't think that's the WHOLE story. I do give her a lot of credit for going back out there - a lot of girls would've been backstage bawling their eyes out. Now the question remains - can she actually sing?

But other good moments - JUDE! OMGSOHOT. The whole "I'm not gay, I'm just English" thing killed me. And him playing Tony Blair at the press conference with W? SOOOO excellent, and likely to be rather on the money. And did I mention that he's hot?

And next week??? *points to icon and squeals* SNL is obviously trying to kill me - or maybe my keyboard, as I will be drooling all over it two Saturdays in a row. Wah, want sex. *pouts*

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