September 2nd, 2008


A rare political post.

I think my political leanings are pretty obvious to most people - posting the LetCaliforniaRing video, for example. But in case you've been living under a rock, I'm VERY liberal. I'm queer. I'm pro-choice. Generally, that means I vote Democrat, although I do pay attention and if there was a fairly liberal Republican who I felt was a better candidate, I wouldn't have a problem voting for that person.

In this election, however, I was already firmly voting Obama/Biden - and then Palin happened. What a complete and utter clusterfuck for the Republicans. Every new thing that comes out just astounds me more. I'm going to paste a few comments I've made in other people's journals recently, because I think I should put those things here, too.

Palin was chosen BECAUSE she's a woman, not because she's actually a good choice or would make a good VP. That's just as sexist as choosing a man because he is male and not because he would be a good choice/good VP. Anyone who believes otherwise is kidding themselves, because all of those other reasons that supposedly make her a good candidate could've been found in a male candidate with more experience. I have yet to see anyone prove otherwise, and I'm still completely and utterly disgusted by the entire thing.

I don't like Palin as a choice for VP, and I don't like her politics. There was no chance of me ever voting for McCain to begin with, but if I had been remotely close to being on the fence, that would've sent me in the opposite direction. That all said, I really hate what she's done for the whole "women can have a career and a personal life" thing, because really, all this woman is proving is that she, at the least, can't do both. She chose to put her career in front of her family at a very poor time, and call me a horrible person, but I AM judging her for that. Her daughter doesn't need this crap, and even if Palin had discussed it with her family, warned them of the scrutiny that would be coming, a teenager can in no way make that kind of fully-informed decision.

Everything about this makes me ill, and it really seems that instead of furthering the cause of women by choosing her, the Republicans have instead sent things backwards to the point where it could possibly undermine all the good Hillary has done for women. Maybe I'm being overdramatic, but that's how it feels.
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