December 13th, 2006


HELP! Blackberry vs Treo!

Okay, so... the free Blackberry thing? Yeah, no. That company is a bunch of LOSERS and their customer service is atrocious and they are NOT getting my business. So.

I have the choice of going with:

1) Cingular - the Treo 680 or the Blackberry 8700c

2) Verizon - the Treo 700p or the Blackberry 8703e

Anyone using any of the above? The Treo 700p would be the most expensive (and I believe is the newest of the lot). What I need: email, instant messaging (any program that will use Yahoo Instant Messenger), web access, phone. I'd think this wouldn't be so freaking difficult, but apparently it is. As I am beyond frustrated, recommendations and suggestions are really really welcome - and yes, it does have to be one of the ones listed (I'm going via a special offer my company has).

Please help!!
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