November 24th, 2006

Leopard bra smile

A better day.

I went shopping today - but mostly for myself. LOL I had COUPONS, dammit! Plus, I needed more winter clothes. Sad but true. So I hit LB for sweaters, bras and a new sleepshirt, then Torrid for leggings and a tunic. I still need to check another Payless for the sort of shoes I want - I hope I can find them. Damn, I hate shoes, but you can't wear a pretty tunic and leggings with sneakers, can you? :P

Also got something very exciting in the mail (by proxy at the moment) which made me very very squeeful.

I think tomorrow I'll try to figure out my xmas shopping a bit. Surely somewhere online there will be the right things for everyone in my life.
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