November 18th, 2006


Let the naked dancing begin!


There has been no naked dancing, however there has been drinking - I had one Newcastle and promptly got pished. :)) I'm such a cheap date now.

I haven't even been home most of the day - I got my hair colored and my nails done. My hair looks SO awesome, it's multiple shades of red with some strawberry-blonde highlights and darker auburn lowlights, very piecy - it just rocks, I'm so pleased. Perhaps I shall attempt to take a photo of myself.

Then, due to the pancakelike flat tire I had last night (and luckily I was giving coworker T a ride home, so he filled the tire up for me, which was so so nice of him), I went to get two new front tires. The one tire that had gone flat has been giving me trouble for ages, I'd just been putting off the inevitable. So I researched last night and had decided where I was getting the tires when I heard a radio ad on my way to the salon for a different tire shop that was doing an offer where if you buy two or more tires, you get a FREE Blackberry or Razr. Considering I've been thinking that I really need to get a Blackberry, Treo or Sidekick, I was definitely intrigued. When I got to the salon, I used their internet terminal while I waited to check out the offer and find the nearest location - so that's what I did. I've already filled out all the online stuff, so now it's just a matter of getting the Blackberry order processed and all of that. Wheee!

That said, between beauty-related things and tires, I've spent a boatload of money today. :)) I also had what had to be the worst guacamole EVER, which makes me sad. Too many onions and jalapenos and not nearly enough avocado. Tsk.
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