November 11th, 2006


Happy day! And computer help needed!

Today started off well - my aunt and uncle bought me a plane ticket (first class!!) to Miami for Xmas - and they'll be going down there, too! So we'll all be down with my mom and her boyfriend. I'm so excited! I've seen my mom for Xmas the last few years, but not my aunt and uncle - I haven't seen them since last year at Thanksgiving. And this is the first time in years that I have the entire week off between Xmas until after New Year's - although I won't be in Florida the entire time. I'm going to try to make it to Pittsburgh for a concert, too.

Then I went to pick up lunch and spend time with my best friend and her kids at her house. It's always difficult to make plans with her because she's so busy, and now she's very pregnant, but we had such a nice time. We caught up on everything in our lives, and I played with the kids - both boys are so adorable. She took a couple of pics, but she hasn't sent them yet.

Then I went over to the mall near her house, because they'd recently opened a Lush store! In the suburbs!! Where there is parking! But anyway, the shop clerks were talking to me and I'm like, I've been to Lush in the UK. You don't need to sell me. LOL So one of them quizzed me on which Lush products I have, and then she says, Oh yeah. You're a Lushie all right. LOLOL Today happened to be their grand opening party, but of course I went too late for it, so no goodie bag for me, but I did get free stuff. :D
I got:
Snow Fairy shower gel
Eggsnog lip balm
Ma Bar bubble bar
Butterball ballistic
Honey Bee ballistic
Merry Christmas massage bar

I got a free Romance in a Stone ballistic and samples of the Sea Vegetable soap and the new Sexy Peel soap. Yummm... I'm going to go and take a bath momentarily.

Also, geeky-type people: I NEED A LAPTOP. HELP. Seriously - I'm asking for one for Xmas since I really need one now, so suggestions on what I should get would be very helpful.
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