November 9th, 2006



On the one hand, it was a most wonderful day, and maybe soon I can say why. Maybe even tomorrow! We shall see.

But on the other hand, there are a couple of idiots at work (umm, note to them: leaving early without asking permission to go to a movie and having the boss find out, who tells the big boss? Wow, good move there. I hope you survive tomorrow), and then my brother decided to disconnect me from the network without warning. Apparently World of Warcraft is more important than anything else. Amazingly, he actually apologized to me afterwards. Will wonders never cease?

The video for Drake's song "I Know" premiered on MTV today. You can watch it and vote here at unless you're not in the US, because then you can't. How they do that with browsers (so that it can tell if you're from another country and stop you from seeing things) is baffling to me.
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