October 12th, 2006


Drum role, please!

After a lot of planning and hard work - and more to come...
Drake Bell Online is now up and running!

It's a collaboration that I'm working on with a number of people (who don't have LJs), plus ladyguenivere (who obviously does have an LJ), and she has been absolutely invaluable. I believe I may be stuck bearing her children or something, should medical science ever make such a thing possible. LOL

Drake's new song, "I Know," comes out next Tuesday, so listen to your local radio stations and call them to request the song! I've heard 30 seconds of it so far, and it's good. The new CD, It's Only Time, will be released on December 5th in the US (still waiting on release dates for the song and CD for other countries).

It's such an exciting time for Drake, and... This is only the beginning...
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