July 24th, 2006


Drake Bell was excited to meet me. :>

He was! It was quite adorable. I didn't make an arse of myself, either - though I really wasn't expecting him to give me a geography quiz. :P Silly boy. I know that no one else reading my LJ cares about what happened, so I won't go into anymore details here other than to say that he's a sweet guy, the concert was great (although I got sunburned as it was OUTSIDE AT NOON IN GEORGIA IN JULY. HELLO, WHICH BRAINIAC THOUGHT THAT ONE UP?!), and I stood for over four hours and, while a bit stiff and sore the rest of the night, I DID IT.

I had a lot of fun with anamchara, and now I'm having a blast with dezzikitty and longtimegone (her new apartment is SOOOO nice!). We had no internet here yesterday and we were all jonesing a bit, but luckily the net is back now. :)) Hopeless, the lot of us. We had dinner with allysonsedai last night and it was so awesome to see her, too! Then we hung out at B&N for a while like the geeks we are. ♥

Tomorrow, dezzikitty and I are heading back to Georgia, where we will hopefully meet up with anamchara again. The fun thing is that my phone interview for the LA job is tomorrow evening, so that's going to put a bit of a kink in our plans, but I couldn't exactly say no, could I? If they want to talk to me at 3 am, then I'll be on the phone at 3 am. But hopefully it'll all work out.

And then, back home on Wednesday! Only two days of work and then, I really really MUST begin to pack like mad. Ugh.
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