July 5th, 2006


Help - I am incapable of making decisions.

So I REALLY need a vacation. But I can't figure out where to go or if I even should try at all - and I suspect I'm driving some of you a bit insane with my own insanity about this.

The choices:

- England. I can walk, so I can finally go to London and do touristy things and actually see stuff! Plus, free plane ticket and free lodging because some of you are awesome. ♥ But, there are timing issues and even though I'd not have to pay for two significant things, I'd still have to pay for travel by trains, coaches, etc, plus to get into all the touristy things and food and the five zillion things I'll want to buy.

- Southern California. I could go to Disneyland and see a bunch of you, but I'd have to pay for the plane ticket and a hotel. Already, this is not looking like a real possibility.

- Alabama. I'd have to buy the plane ticket but have a place to stay. ♥ This will be a good long weekend and is probably doable some time this year, one way or another.

- Miami. Again, I'd have to pay for the plane ticket, but I can stay with my mom and her bf and could probably drive up to WDW.

- Somewhere else entirely. Anyone want to see me? :P

I probably shouldn't even be considering this, because with my luck, I'll book tickets and then get a job interview or something. :P But I don't know how long I'm supposed to put my life on hold, you know? I do need to figure out where the heck I'm going to move, though, and all the costs surrounding that. If that continues to be as significant as I fear, taking a trip may be a moot point until sometime in the fall or winter.

I did some shopping over the weekend and spent a ton of money, but it was pretty necessary. I needed a new hard drive big time, so now I have a 300 gig hard drive in addition to the 30 gig one I'd filled up. I had fun reinstalling iTunes and ripping tons of CDs. I also got a CD/DVD burner, so I think I should be set for storage for a while. Next up, more RAM, but I think that can wait a bit longer - the full hard drive couldn't.

I also went shopping and out to dinner on Monday with my best friend, which was awesome. She made me buy some very girly clothes and exclaimed over me needing a smaller size than I'd brought into the dressing room. Hee. She also gave me a hard time for not wearing makeup. Fooey.

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