June 20th, 2006


Playing the fandom leapfrog game.

So yep, after yesterday - DONE. Not that I expect anyone to give a rat's arse anyway.

I've a got a slightly-used HP smut archive here - it's a bit soiled, much in the way the video booths are in the back of your local sex shop - but I'm sure we can get the stains out if anyone wants it.

That said, I'm wondering which fandom I should go to, if any. Surely, no matter where I go, there will be wank. It's unavoidable, it seems, because part of the human condition is to be nasty and belittle others (and I'm talking about everyone who's done it, friends of mine or not). So I've decided to try and predict possible wankage for my new fandoms before I try them and therefore save myself the heartache of shock and surprise.

The choices:

Westlife - I'm seeing serious potential wankage here on the basis of RPS. *shudders* We don't like it, no, we don't. Hmm. Might be best not to embroil myself in that one any deeper.

The 4400 - Did Sean really?! Will Maia do...?! But what about Kyle?! And LILY!!! Eh, I dunno. Maybe they'll just argue about who's hotter.

Hex - Three words: Lesbian ghost sex. I'd say we have a winner, but my understanding is that the BBC cancelled the show after only 2 seasons, so I'm boggled as to why they started it up here AND promoted it so heavily. But! WE GOTS LESBIAN GHOST SEX SO WHO CARES ABOUT ANYTHING ELSE?

That about sums it up, folks.
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