June 15th, 2006



Okay, so... this whole clothes thing is very annoying.

Why the bloody fuck are sizes so inconsistent?! Recently I've purchased 3 pairs of capri jeans and one pair of jeans. Of these, two of the capris are the smaller size and two are the larger.

- I bought the jeans in the larger size because the material seemed particularly stiff, and I'd say that was the right decision.

- I bought two of the capris at the same time. I did try them on in the store, but apparently I was high (or trying to force myself to keep to the 'you will not buy the bigger size anymore' mantra, which is sadly much more difficult than you'd think it would be to stick to), because one of the pairs fits beautifully and the other is too tight - they fit, but I don't feel comfortable in them at all.

- I bought the 4th pair a week ago in the bigger size (yes, I know - I ignored the mantra, and so I am not paying for my heinous crime), and guess what? TOO FUCKING BIG. I walked during my lunch hour today and I had to keep yanking on them because they kept falling down, plus they're way too big on my thighs. -.-

The conclusion I've reached is that I am not allowed to buy anymore clothes, because clearly I cannot be trusted to buy the right size, no matter what I do. -.-
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