June 7th, 2006


I was not swallowed by an aquarium today!

One of my friends thought I had been, so I figured I'd clarify. ;)

Today I took the day off and went with my sister, the three kids and my dad to the Shedd Aquarium because this week is free week there, sponsored by Sara Lee (now if they gave out turkey breast slices and pieces of cake as well, that'd be an even better deal! But alas, no). We still had to pay for the oceanarium, but only for the adults and Lauren - the twins are still at the 'get into stuff free' age, though not for much longer.

We saw the diver presentation at the coral reef tank first, where I played Hermione. They had a guy outside the tank walking around asking questions and talking and the guy asked if anyone knew what some of the jobs that fish do in the tank were. Well, no one else raised their hands (because I waited to see if any kids knew), so I did - and I got it right. I said one of the jobs the fish do is clean the tank - and he gave me a sticker. I didn't know I was getting a prize for being right :)) I immediately stuck it on Lauren, of course.

We also saw the Beluga whales (I LOVE them!! I got a Beluga whales t-shirt in the gift shop because THEY HAD MY SIZE), the otters, all sorts of fish and other sea life, and we saw the dolphin show. I have to say that the dolphin show at Brookfield Zoo was much better, which is sad - you'd think a place devoted to aquatic life would have the better one.

My sister surprised me with a gift for having reached my most recent weight loss goal - a really pretty Sodalite bracelet! It's a bit snug, but I think it'll fit properly in another couple of months. It was completely unexpected and I very nearly cried. Overall, we had a great day - and I really need a lot of sleep now. :))
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