June 2nd, 2006


I would like a smart bomb.

But not in the way that you think. I want a bomb that would go off and make people smarter. Can we get to work on that, please?

I saw a NEW SIGN on the road to work today. >:0!!!! This one says, 'The Da Vinci Debate.' What is there to debate about?! Can anyone explain this to me??

Clients = teh stupid. Job search = teh annoying. But another data submission has come and gone and I managed not to bring any automated weapons to work, so I figure that's a good thing. My goal is to have a new job before the next submission in three months. If I don't, I'm going to have big horrible issues and I really don't want to think about that. -.-
I'm taking over the job of a colleague who is on maternity leave, starting today. Whether or not this will significantly increase my workload should be interesting to see.

I saw the trailer for Pirates of the Caribbean 2 at the Disney Store last night and I think I may actually end up in a movie theatre this year. Whaddaya know.

Starbucks made my latte a 6-shot instead of a 5-shot this morning. No noticeable difference, however. Perhaps I'm caffeine immune.

EDITED TO ADD: I have to go out to the bar tonight for coworker's goodbye party. Please recommend a fruity drink with alcohol for me to have! No melon flavorings, please!
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