May 27th, 2006


A whole bunch of stuff, including a rant!

Three-day weekends - how can you not love them? I'm considering a nap tomorrow. I never take naps, so that will seem truly decadent. However, I will also be doing the active job search thing, so... blech to that, however it is necessary. The cool thing is that for probably the first time in my life, I'll be searching for a specific sort of job, and I have to say that finally having some sort of clue about my career path is rather satisfying, despite recent setbacks (if they even are setbacks - it's all in how you look at it).

Today I got my nails done, then went to Target and bought pajamas (set with boxers and a top) with a cherry pattern on them and new barrettes. I think I have an addiction to buying clothes now, but when you can walk into multiple stores and just BUY stuff... well! What's a girl to do?

Which brings me to another thing. I've been getting 'ma'am'ed a lot lately. This is highly disturbing. I am constantly told that I look much younger than I am (I think it goes nearly without saying that I act way younger, HA), and yet... the dreaded ma'am keeps being used. Those of you in retail, when do you ma'am? Should I be insulted? Am I looking older now? Do I have to accept this horrifying truth and begin acting my age? That might be impossible, though.

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