December 22nd, 2005


This is sort of an update.

I'm sick at the moment, therefore the subject line is not clever. Deal.

Last Saturday I saw GoF again with selinakyle47, who was very fun and I hope to see again. Then I ran off to the mall and got a lot of my shopping done and spent tons of money, as you do. I hate shopping.

We had potluck and grab bag at work on Tuesday and I amazed everyone with my culinary skillz - I had to give out my chicken recipe after multiple people begged for it. I rule, apparently. No, it's just that I can marinade like nobody's business. In the grab bag I got a policeman-shaped, donut-scented car air freshener, a photo frame on a spring that's boingy, and a chicken-shooting gun. I laughed and intend to shoot chickens at my coworkers. Muhahahaha.

Then I got the Cold o'D00m. Woe.

I should be writing things, but I feel icky, so I dunno if I'll get done what I'm supposed to in time. Blech.

So who would you set me up with? Go tell me on the Blind Date meme - fictional characters, actors, real people -- they all apply!

Xmas Eve I will be going to see GoF with Mom at the IMAX and then dinner with her and my brother. Xmas Day I will be heading up to Milwaukee to spend it with my sister and the kidlets. If I don't make it back here before then, I wish all of you who celebrate a very lovely day!
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