October 11th, 2005


Where we were going, we didn't really care - we had all we ever wanted, and that keg in the closet

I feel this quote is especially appropriate considering the experiences of many of you over the past few days. Oh, how I laughed at your drunk arses while completely stone sober. I'm sure you'll all get me back at Lumos, though.

This is my last use of this icon! *pats it*

So despite Logan Airport attempting to not let me get in or out of Boston, I did indeed make it there and back. Overall, I think TWH was great. Were there some problems? Sure. But there was no possible way it was going to be perfect, so... *shrugs* I heard a lot of people bitching about things. My suggestion to those of you who complained - help us do it better. Lumos is next July, so volunteer and show everyone how it should be done.

That said, I managed to do most of the really important things - I met and got a book signed by Tamora Pierce. I met and talked to and got a book signed by Holly Black (Holly is SO cool, and I really really want the sequel to Tithe that she read a bit from. How am I supposed to wait until 2007, I ask you?!). I did not, however, see Chris Rankin. At all. Ever. I suspect he does not actually exist - or else he heard that I did intend to introduce myself and nicely ask for photos and so avoided me like the plague. Because it is, of course, all about me.

But I walked all over Salem (and have the sore feet to prove it!) and saw lots and lots of people and lots of interesting talks and presentations. I was sorted into Hufflepuff which I was quite dismayed about at first - you know, there are two Houses I identify with fairly strongly and I didn't get into either of them? But some people claim that I have 'Puff tendencies although they refuse to explain. And still others might know of reasons why I have some Hufflepuff identification now. *coughs* That said, our Head of House, Vicky Dann, ROCKED. I talked to her a number of times as well as seeing her speak and she was just so cool and totally into the whole thing. I earned 20 points for Hufflepuff, too. And Hufflepuff won the House Cup! I actually HAVE a House Cup. It's so awesome.

To explain the Ron roundtable thing (and can I just say that I'm exceedingly grateful that kitsune13 was amused? Because I wasn't trying to stir up trouble, I really wasn't), the point of it was to discuss portrayals of Ron that we hated. So many were brought up and discussed and then I said that my most hated portrayal is that of Monster Cock Ron. Because really, I DO hate that. When that's the ONLY thing Ron has going for him, it's generally because the fic author can't see that Ron has any other redeeming qualities, so they just give him a huge dick and it's just... gah. No. Ron can have a large cock, I'm fine with that - I just want him to have MORE than that. So there you are - I was causing controversy again. Who's surprised?

There's so much more I could say, but my head is still spinning a bit. However, I need to put out some thanks:

- Many, many thanks to eibbil_libbie - and I'm sure you know most of the reasons why.
- Mucho thanks to dezzikitty for rescuing me from the first airport trip from Hell.
- Lots of thanks to wordplay for shuttling me around at times and for being a snugglebunny.
- Thanks aplenty to longtimegone for being cuddly and not not being mad about you-know-what. *winks*
- Thanks to slytherincesss and maegunnbatt for managing not to completely panic and for not killing me because I didn't. You both were AWESOME and I was so impressed that you barely let me talk at all. :))
- Thanks to malachan for hanging around with me and for appreciating my extremely sensible suggestion. ;)
- Thanks most of all to all of my Logistics darlings, none of whom even have LJs, for working their arses off and not being completely scared when CJ and began to explain fanfiction and slash and other fandomy things. We made it through alive - although I think I still twitch every time someone says the word 'bus' (and a few of you will know why that is funny on a WAY more personal level). And I have to change my ringtone now because I'm sick of hearing my own phone ring.

I have no photos of anything. I am so lame. So if you have photos with me in them (like with you or others or whatever) please to be linking. This is why I shouldn't have a camera, seriously. I never remember to take it out until it's raining and grey or something equally stupid.

That all said, I'm not going to be able to catch up on days and days of LJ, so if there's anything you need or want me to see, please link or mention it here.

Now I must do ten tons of laundry because I have to go back to work tomorrow. But hey, I do have three - THREE - new t-shirts and they ALL FIT ME. How much does THAT rule?!
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