September 30th, 2005


Days go by, I can feel them flying like a hand out the window in the wind

Guess who made a client cry yesterday? Ohhh yeah, how good am I? It wasn't even MY issue - I was just relaying the information since my coworker was in a meeting. And I really have no idea why knowing whether your hospital was a minor teaching or major teaching hospital would make anyone cry, but... I felt bad all the same. I am not mean to clients, just everyone else! Woe. That was a first.

All right, I need to make a decision on this dress for the ball thing - help, please? The maroon sheath dress is the one I've lost the sweater to - if I didn't have to buy a new sweater, I'd wear that one, no question. But I still have the sweater for the orange sheath dress and I'm thinking I'll just wear that one and save my money. It's orange with a white-flower pattern and the orange gradually changes to a burnt umber sort of color on the dress. The little sweater is just orange. I have black flats to wear with whichever dress. I already have my outfit decided for the Wednesday parties - will have to wear it all day since there won't be time to change between training and parties, so it's slacks and a nice top and will change into the black flats. Other than that, just wearing comfortable clothes.

And here are just a few TWH things for those of you who may be there:

1) I am going to be stressed out. I don't know how badly stressed out I'll be. If I can't stop to talk to you at that moment, please don't take it the wrong way and please do try to find me or call me later.
2) I can't drink alcohol until next year. If you try to be funny and keep pushing me to drink, there will be glaring. Offer me a latte and you get hugs.
3) Feel free to tell me how great I look if you think that - I don't mind talking about it and I don't mind questions. However, tell me you don't recognize me anymore and I will laugh at you. Repeatedly.
4) I have my room to myself Wednesday and Thursday nights, unless...? Muahahahaha. ;)
5) If you think you'll want or need to get a hold of me while I'm in Salem, let me know and I'll give you my cell phone number. I will have it with me 24/7.
6) Umm, can't think of anything else right now. Any questions?
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