September 13th, 2005


Save a horse - ride a cowboy.

As a public service, I give you... Signs Your HP RPG Characters Swear Too Much:

When writing an email to a client you type bloody products instead of blood products.
And yes, I did catch it before I hit send. Thank bloody everything. :P!!

TWH is slowly eating my brain. If you need my brain, you'll have to fight for it, because not only is TWH eating it, but... wait for it... know that data submission thing that made my life an absolute hell for the last month or so? That thing that happens every 3 months? They just decided that they're going to add an EXTRA submission at the end of September, to help out any hospitals affected by Katrina - because really, they've got NOTHING BETTER TO DO DOWN THERE. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA KILL ME NOW PLSKTHNX.

Date went well enough. He brought me gifts and bought dinner, made me laugh, walked me to my car. Am working on being open-minded. We'll be seeing each other again. This calls for the confused face: o_O

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Much love to bhanesidhe! I have the smaller Hermione up in my cube at work. ♥
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