August 27th, 2005


I ain't as good as I once was, I got a few years on me now...

...but I'm much better now, multiple times, than I ever was before? *smirks*

Okay, yeah - had a birthday. Feel kinda old now, somehow - I suppose it's because OMG ONE MORE YEAR UNTIL 35!!1!1!!!! But at the same juncture I'm very eh, whatever about it. Wheeee. So thanks to those of you who gave me birthday wishes. My birthday itself was fairly uneventful - got ice cream cake and singing and a card at work, cards and dinner from dad (check from dad too) and brother, a phone call and promise of gift from my mother, a singing phone call from my best friend - oh, and no call or email or anything from my sister. Sigh.

I was tagged by stormwynd on this one:

List ten things that make you happy, then tag five friends.

1. BEING ABLE TO WALK AGAIN (yes, I feel that deserved all caps)
2. That brand-new-infatuation feeling
3. Pretty much anything to do with Harry Potter - books, LJ, websites, RPGs, friends resulting from it ♥
4. Sushi
5. Nice-smelling bath things, lotions and perfumes
6. Country love songs
7. My nieces and nephew
8. Cheese
9. Books and reading in general
10. Disney animated films, Disney amusement parks

Tag! dezzikitty, slytherincesss, chavalah, prettyveela and folk

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