July 5th, 2005


Rage and other such things.

I'm not a person who deals well with anger. I unfortunately have good reason to blame that on my upbringing, where being yelled at or called names or otherwise verbally abused by a constantly angry parent was pretty much a daily occurence. My solution to this as an adult has been to a) not get angry at all, for fear of acting in just that sort of abusive manner towards someone else, or b) blow up beyond all recognition because I've held the anger inside for too long. The point here is that I came very, very close to doing something to someone else that I would most likely have regretted (...eventually), but luckily eibbil_libbie was able to talk me down from the tower. * ♥ 's her Libbie* But sometimes, I think the fact that I am generally a fairly easygoing person also makes people think they can screw me over or take advantage of me without any sort of accounting for their behavior. I think that those people - and they know who they are - should be a bit more cautious. And that's all I'm saying about that.

In other annoying things, I am put out on behalf of every bisexual man I've ever known because of this lame-ass excuse for a scientific study. I'm sorry, but in what universe is physicial response the end-all be-all of attraction?! I know it's not in mine.

I finished a most excellent book last night. It was so good that it took me just over a day to read. Suspense and mystery with a touch of horror - really well done. I must find more by these authors.

I also need to thank nowastedspace for my wonderful new LJ layout! I gave her the pics and the lyrics - she made it work. ♥ !!!!
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