June 29th, 2005



I am feeling rather ill at the moment. I feel that everything I had planned to do with the rest of my day (laundry, RP, act human) will now be put off until such time as my stomach behaves, so if you were expecting anything from me today, erm, don't.

In other distressing news, both my colorist and my stylist have left my salon for parts unknown. I like my stylist a lot but my hair is not cut in a particularly complicated way - I could replace her if I had to. My colorist, however, is worth her weight in platinum! I have an appointment with my nail technician at the salon on the 23rd and I intend to pump her for info on where they've gone. I couldn't get into see her anytime sooner than that - obviously the world is conspiring to keep me with visible roots. This is why I will be taking all of the Houston pics and avoiding being in any of them. And if the nail technician can't tell me what salon they've gone to... the mourning will begin.
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