June 9th, 2005


Being British and Pessimistic

So I've just been watching The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson because I find him beyond charming and I like being called a cheeky wee monkey once a day and I can't sleep. But anyway, he had actress Marianne Jean-Baptiste on the show. He's from Glasgow and she's from London, so they started talking about the reasons why they like living in the US, and the main thing they said was the fact that people are so much more optimistic here. They both agreed that in the UK, people like to see others fail - to the point that people are expected 'to be complete rubbish.' On the other hand, in America you can fall down on your arse and someone will help you back up and tell you how well you fell on your arse. She in particular noted that she was very confused when she first moved here because if you asked people how they were, they'd be "Just great!" or whatever and she would think "Well, I feel awful, what the hell is wrong with me?" They both thought the whole thing had something to do with the class system in the UK, too.

I suppose I found it interesting because from the 'real' British people I've known - mostly you weirdos who might be reading this - I just haven't seen the level of pessimism they described. Is it an age thing? Do you see this in your parents? Do you see it in yourselves and just hide it well? Curious, sleep deprived minds want to know.

In other news... ummm... Altoids Raspberry Sours are really excellent.
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