March 22nd, 2005


Surgery Filter and Random Thoughts

Just a reminder - I've only put those people who specifically requested to be on the surgery filter on it. So if you want on, you need to tell me. Yes.

Two random things:

1) I saw a half-hour special on the Revenge of the Mummy ride that's recently opened at Universal Orlando. DUDE. Just.... DUDE. It looks SO COOL!!! No Brendan or Rachael, unfort, but there is Arnold. So that's something. But the effects and how the ride works? I want to go soooo badly! But I think it won't be until next year at the earliest.

2) As I was driving home today, a Cars song came on during the 80's show and my first thought was, wow, I still don't like the Cars (wordplay, I hope you will not disown me over this, but really, they have never been on my list of faves), but my second thought was actually a memory. A memory of when I was in high school and I wrote reviews of albums for my high school newspaper. I actually proposed this myself, then went out to a local record store to see if they would give me new albums for free in exchange for a 'sponsor ad' in the paper. They did, and I wrote album reviews (and this was Back In The Day when albums were made of vinyl, you know) for about 2 years. I haven't thought about that for years, and I've certainly heard songs by the - bletch! - Cars plenty of times, but for some reason tonight I heard them and it reminded me that I reviewed Benjamin Orr's solo album back in high school. And now, as penance, I have a Cars earworm.
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    My Best Friend's Girl - The Bloody Freaking Cars