February 10th, 2005


FANDOM FEBRUARY! (this post is actually a figment of your imagination... *wiggles fingers*)

I don't know if anyone's noticed, but I'm not really here. I've just found that I am doing better not spending much time on LJ - I try to check my flist every few days and will occasionally comment if I can. There's always stuff, but for right now I'm going to keep my stuff to myself - maybe it'll help. I'm really not sure how long it will last, but I can safely say that it will be at least until sometime in March due to the vile holiday that I share my initials with and then the former anniversary - and let's face it, it's better to try to ignore them (and fail) off by myself. But as always, if you want to get in touch with me there's always email or you can comment here.

But! The Real Reason for this post - The Witching Hour Meme!

Name Morri
Age Not old enough to know better... erm, 33.
Occupation Application Support Engineer to make something of a living, Assistant Chair for Logistics for TWH
I love Harry Potter because It's a wonderful and engaging story, and because of it, I've met loads of wonderful people.
I am going to The Witching Hour because there is going to be SO MUCH COOL STUFF! Have you seen our website lately?! (hoping to go, in truth - many things need to happen before I'll know for certain)
I think the Sorting Hat put me in do I really need to answer this question?? Come on!!! Gryffindor 4 EVAH
I want to go and fangirl/boy Tamora Pierce!!!!! If you want a laugh, be sure to be around when I get all tongue-tied asking for an autograph.
You will most likely find me attempting to round up more minions for future HP NC-17 shenanigans! MUHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! (KIDDING, Amy!!)
You will never find me on the Quidditch pitch. There is not enough spare coordination in the universe to make that a good idea.
I will most likely win House Points for putting out organizational fires - because they will happen, no matter what we planning-ahead types do. We really hate that, too.
I will most likely lose House Points for not relaxing enough? Not drinking enough?
My ideal Room of Requirement would be I've been advised not to answer this question as I may incriminate myself.
If you say "hi" to me, I will look at you in a confused manner as I attempt to determine if you are a) a caterer, b) a hotel representative, c) a bus or travel agent, or d) an actual TWH attendee or a friend. I'm practicing cocking my head in puzzlement right now...
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