January 13th, 2005


Like, stuff.

I got a customer service award today. Go me! I now have an umbrella with my company's logo on it. *looks outside at the snowstorm* Yeah.

I have joined an RPG! I know you're shocked. It's a 6th year RPG and has a pretty cool story idea, so if you want to follow along from the beginning - or join us, there are some available characters - check out _dark_chaos! I'm not telling who I'm playing, but I will say that it's not Hermione. After leaving nocturne_alley I realized that I take playing Hermione far too personally so I don't know that I'll ever play her again (I played her the first couple of years, not the final year). Never say never, though. :D

I'm beginning to think that the removing memories of a person thing from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind might be a damned good idea. It still confuses me, in a way, that the good memories are what's so incredibly painful... Bleh. Maybe I'm the type of person who just shouldn't attempt relationships.
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