January 8th, 2005



Received letter from insurance co. today - DENIED again. Bastards. Sometimes I think this will never end. Onwards to the next appeal. -.-!

Also, came home to computer unable to reboot at all as something is missing, making Windoze not work. Imagine my joy, as I was not done getting things - LIKE MY EMAIL - off the computer. Am attempting to locate a Win 2K CD. Sigh. Brother is allowing me to borrow his laptop, hence this post.

I did the friendslist swap today and read the friendslists of mercurycirce and barbed_whispers, both of whom have quite interesting friends. I saw a lot more art, icons and people who were still in school - I think those were the main differences. It was a fun little experiment.

Anyway, toe hurts and eyes hurt so I'm off to bed.
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