July 30th, 2004

RS org - Fandomopoly version

ANNOUNCING: RestrictedSection v 2.0!

The old version of the site was great...but. There were a number of issues and things we wanted to work better, so that's one of the things we've been working on for some time now. So - TADA! Welcome to version 2.0! Here are the new things you should know about:

  • You will need to re-register for the stories. Your review board login information will still work, but in order to access the stories, you will need to set up a new account. The link to register is right here: Registration Page, and you can also find it in the top right corner when you enter the site. We know this is annoying, but please bear with us - really the only way we could fix all those login problems was to build a brand new system.
  • Now, instead of just browsing by author, you can find stories by their title or the date they were uploaded.
  • The search engine has been improved, with a few extra features - for example, put 'f/f' in the 'include pairings' box and 'm/f, m/m' in the 'exclude pairings box' for a femmeslash search, etc.
  • You can also customize how the site runs for you. At the bottom, click the 'profile' link and scroll down - you can change how the site looks for you, what additional information you want in a search, and how often the disclaimer comes up.
  • Our recreational discussion board, Buckbeak is a Great Ugly Brute, is also a lot easier to get to - just click 'Discussion Boards' at the bottom.
  • You'll notice that when you click on either 'Stories by Author' or 'by Title,' you will be taken to a random letter of the alphabet. This is just to make things a bit more interesting - you can then click on any letter you want as this only happens once a session.

  • As for those who have submitted stories but don't see them on the site - give us a few days before you email us about it. We've got a backlog of a little over a month to upload, so it might be up to a week before we get all of them up.

    If you have any questions about the new site, feel free to email us at email us and we'll help you out. ;) And I'd also like to say THANK YOU to everyone who donated their time to get the new site up and running, especially my zorac. Didn't he do a brilliant job?

    I hope you like what we've done to the site - thanks again for reading!
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