July 15th, 2004


An amusing note in my beyond busy day

I actually heard from the GBF today - he messaged me on YM while I was at work. Hopefully we will hang out Saturday night (cocktails!) but there was one really funny thing. He and his bf just got back from vacation and they visited the east coast. While in Provincetown (aka Gay Mecca II), who did they run into but Graham Norton!! GBF was the only person who recognized him (not terribly surprising as Graham's show has been on US TV for perhaps 3 weeks now, and BBCAmerica is only on digital cable and satellite), but he said Graham was really nice - as was his American boyfriend. I'm telling you, there must be something in the water here for you Brits to keep snapping up us Americans...

Despite continued work hell (tomorrow is the last day of the Week of Work Hell, aka 3 people in training! *smites boss for crap planning skillz* >:0!!!!), two good things today:

1) zorac got good news from work regarding what was holding up the planning for his next trip here and hopefully that will result in plane tickets being booked tomorrow morning. It will mean that this will be the longest we've ever gone without seeing one another (over 2 months as the proposed time isn't for another month), and believe me we are getting antsy. I know I am, and if my love (Mr. Casual-and-Easygoing) is beginning to show signs of missing mestress, you know it's been too long. *crosses fingers*

2) I got some promising listings from the apartment search chick I called yesterday. This is making me feel better about the upcoming move, although I'm already dreading packing and moving. I really need to get things started this weekend - I believe it's time for another purging of crap I don't really need or don't use. Anyway, may drive up to see some places on Saturday.

So endeth this exciting update. Oh wait - one more thing: it's nearly 11 pm and my father is cooking bacon and eggs. He is weird.
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