May 29th, 2004


Like, stuff.

Today the second denial letter from the insurance company arrived. Because of the amazing generosity of many of you, I wasn't at all depressed by this. Instead, it's GAME ON BABY!! As long as I can get everything I need, I should be able to send everything to the lawyer by the end of next week. So again I thank you all for helping me. *hugs everyone*

Tomorrow we're going downstate to see my sister and the kids. This will be the first time I'll see her husband since the incident last year where he insulted my mother badly. I intend to play nice and just pretend like he's someone I work with that I don't like - I have to put up with him and be cordial. *crosses fingers*

Speaking of which, work has been especially sucky since the move. I am SO glad to have a three-day weekend both this weekend and next - I really need the break. I also really need a few drinks.

Today as I ran a zillion errands I found the new Bertie Botts! The latest flavors are earthworm, soap and spaghetti. I've informed zorac that I will not be trying them alone, and I believe he might be reconsidering his trip here next week. He is so silly. :x!
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