May 8th, 2004


Dreams, a quiz, and a poll!

Woah, did I have fucked up dreams last night... the things I remember the most: playing some sort of game (card game?) while in a room underwater. Periodically you had to surface to breathe, then back down again.
zorac was arriving soon, and for some reason as I was headed to get him, I opened the car door and jumped out while the car was running - and it kept going. And going. Somehow the car was stopped and brought back to me, and it was then important to have it washed right away. My sister, who suddenly had many dogs, was with me. And my mom went to the airport to get Mark.
o_O I really wish that there was a way to understand dreams. Or to even know if there is anything to understand or not - perhaps it's all just crap in your head and means nothing.

I had my yearly eye exam today, and my eyes are better - my astigmatism is pretty much gone. No idea why or how, but there you are. I also got fitted for glasses, but I can't get them 'til next month when the insurance kicks in again. Not that I'm giving up the contacts, no way - just that now I'll have some decent glasses.

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