April 6th, 2004


Better this than the meme I was considering.

Today was really tiring. I got out of bed, stumbled into my clothes and headed out the door.

Last night I had to masturbate twenty times. I'm so horny. Click here to see my website.

I want to tell the world that I love you all! You're all so special to me!

I am updating this journal for the first time in ages, because I've been kept in a pirate ghost ship inside a monkey's head for about 2 weeks.

Today, I got a digital camera! Yes! Here's some photos of my boyfriend in the nude (but don't tell him that I've posted them here - he'll kill me! Har har.)

I want to say thanks to my boyfriend for being so t00by. And nakedly photogenic.

I went to the doctor yesterday, and he said I have bipolar disorder, which makes me different enough to be interesting, but the same as all the other cool people with bipolar disorder.

You should all do this quiz! It's amazingly accurate. You just put in your name and birthday, and it will tell you who you're sexually compatible with. If you're really lucky, it'll be me.

Blueberry iced tea is quite nice. And also purple.

That's enough for now. But I'll leave you with this thought - sharing your life with strangers on the internet is the cheapest form of therapy available. Leave a comment and tell me I'm beautiful. Or sweet. Or sexy. Or all of the above.

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