February 24th, 2004



What's with all the pancakes, people? Other than you making me want pancakes, which is not on. I was going to make dinner tonight - now I want pancakes which means I either have to go to the store or I have to stop at a restaurant. *scowls*

ETA: *laughs* Thanks to all of you, I get it now. I must've blocked this out after escaping from a Catholic university more than 10 years ago (and no offense is meant to anyone who is Catholic or religious - many reasons, including 3 Theology courses, showed me that I am meant to be agnostic, but I still have respect for others' beliefs).
However, I still want pancakes.
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THAT WAS SO GOOD!!! His apartment was SO scary - I do not envy all the people who worked so hard on that place. His act was actually good - I see a lot of stand up and he made me laugh out loud, so that's a good sign. And you can NOT tell me that Jai does nothing anymore!! But - THE PROPOSAL!!! I was bawling my eyes out, he did it perfectly (for her) and totally surprised her. It was the sweetest proposal they've had on the show, for sure. Such a cute couple!! So much with the 'awwwwwww.'

And now, back to the laundry which I am making smell like my baby... *romantically giddy*

And I did have pancakes - blueberry! Yum.
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