September 17th, 2003


Like, stuff.

Still no baby pics. Color me impatient. Sister and babies should be going home today.

I got a new chair last night. I had the option to get the same one that broke or any other, and with the manager's recommendation I decided on a slightly more expensive chair. It was the floor model and was originally $180, marked down $50, so I had to pay another $30 as my chair was only $100. The main reason I chose this one is that it has metal legs/wheels and seemed much more sturdy, although it's not as comfortable as the chair that broke. I am trying to let it go.

In other furniture news, I had my dad check the mattress and it was just a bit wet, so he put a tarp over it and he and my brother will tie it to the car and bring it over on Sunday most likely. I'm trying to not feel guilty about being demanding about this.

In even less exciting news, I am really very broke. I need to get used to having no money again. -.-

And I really, REALLY am going to bed early tonight.
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