September 9th, 2003


Reactions to my license plates

As many of you know (and some of you have seen), I have license plates on my car that say HOGWTS 1. I also used to have HP-themed bumper stickers, but the damn things peeled off and sadly there were none for sale at Nimbus and I haven't gotten my arse in gear to buy some more yet. But I digress. I had another instance of my license plates being noticed yesterday, and I realized that I haven't been dutifully reporting these times to you all as I should. I think that I should and then I forget about now I will tell you the ones I remember.

  • Stopped at a light, mother with child by the hand points out my license plates
  • Come out from work one night to where my car is parked on the street. Just as I'm walking up to my car, a father with 3 kids is walking by going "Look! Hogwarts!" at my plates. Then he stops and peers into the backseat of my car and spies my CD holder, "You see! They have a Gryffindor case! This is a Harry Potter person!" The kids look mesmerized. I walk up to my car and get in, giving the father a quick smile.
  • Yesterday, stopped at a light. A mother is pushing her child in a stroller across the street from where I'm stopped, waving frantically at me. I wave back. She crouches down to show the child why she's waving, and the little girl starts waving to me, too. I wave back as I drive past them once the light changes.

  • I'm probably weird, but it kind of made me feel good, to think that my license plates (via my Harry Potter obsession) make other people smile sometimes.

    Also, am having some stress and panicking over various lifestuffs, but no one is to worry about me, okay? I'll be fine. *hugs*
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