September 1st, 2003



Had a very loverly weekend with zorac. Friday night I subjected him to cotton candy (or candy floss) ice cream, Jay Leno, David Letterman and Conan O'Brien. He didn't seem to mind too much.

Saturday we went to rent DVDs, and the Blockbuster f00ls would not let me use my dad's account or let me start my own without an actual credit card, >:0!!! so we went to Hollywood video where they would let me do it with my card. :D Then we went grocery shopping and got f00d for the next couple of days as well as stocking up on Reese's of all sorts and Mountain Dew as well. We then stopped and got Italian beef sandwiches for lunch, took the shopping home and ate, then ran out again to see Finding Nemo. It was SO CUTE, but then we knew it would be. We then went to 7-11 and got Slurpees and limited edition Reese's - Honey Roasted Nut and Big Cup, woohoo. After that we headed back to the house and watched our first DVD, Jerry Maguire. We talked for a while after that, then sometime later I made jambalaya for Mark for dinner, which he thought was pretty good. We ate while watching Shrek, which is one of our most fave movies (it happened to be on cable, so we thought why not?). We eventually headed to bed.

Sunday we got up and watched another DVD, Ice Age. We thought it was good but not as good as Finding Nemo. We then went out to lunch which was very yummy. We came back to the house and watched The Princess Diaries on cable, which Mark had never seen. After a while we watched our last DVD Y Tu Mama Tambien, which was very strange. Sadly we rented the R version not the unrated, and I felt rather cheated. I am a naughty smutgirl you know. Ah well. As always the time to go to the airport came too soon. Mark's backpack was stuffed FULL of various types of Reese's - normal cups, Big cups, Honey Roasted Nut cups, Inside Out cups, and Reese's bites. It's a damned good thing they don't care about chocolate at customs. We got there and unlike every other time I've dropped Mark off for a flight, the place was almost completely deserted - and if you've ever been to O'Hare, you know that's really an unnatural state for the place. Still, I hope it meant Mark wasn't standing in long queues for check in and x-raying. I drove back home and finally ate some dinner (we were too busy to eat before taking Mark to the airport at 9 pm, ahem) while watching Sex in WW II on the History channel. Did you know that prostitution was legal in Hawaii back then? I didn't. Interesting stuff.

Today Mark called and woke me up when he got home, which I asked him to do (it was 9:30 am here, so it's not like it was ridiculously early). I hope he found my half-asleep responses amusing, as I don't really recall what I said. I went back to sleep, of course, as I am lazy as hell and I didn't get much sleep the rest of the weekend. So far today I have managed to eat some lunch and catch up with LJ (I was at skip=280, you verbose t00bs). Now I need to get some laundry done and make my brother clean the kitchen (something he avoided all weekend, grrr). Perhaps I will watch more TV - there might be movies on worth seeing, although I have seen 6 movies in the past 2 days, and that is more than I normally see in 3 months or so, but it won't be as nice to watch without my baby. It also occurs to me that I should start packing as I move in less than 2 weeks. Gaaah.
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