August 24th, 2003


And waiting is all that I can do, until you find your way back to me

In a vain attempt to get my mind off things, I watched movies tonight. Considering I watched Men in Black 2 and part of Queen of the Damned Friday night, I've now seen 3 movies this weekend. That's more than I normally see in 3 months, but anyway.

MIB 2 was good, though not as good as the first, which is unsurprising. QotD was even worse than I'd expected. You always think people exaggerate when they talk about how bad a film is, but in this case it's true - it's really bad, and I'm glad I didn't watch the entire thing.

Tonight I watched the first hour of The Mummy, one of my all-time favorites (which surprisingly DOES have a good sequel), and then watched all of The Rules of Attraction. My reaction to that movie is: Guh. What the shit was that?!?! I mean, talk about the wrong thing to watch when you're in emotional turmoil. Collapse )
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