August 22nd, 2003



Happy Birthday nystana!

I knew from the very beginning that you had to be cool - only cool people are born on the 22nd of a given month, you know. Even better if it's August 22nd. ;)

Have a fab day!!!
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It's been an excellent day

First of all, thanks to everyone who has wished me a happy birthday - I will be responding to all posts and comments in the next couple of days. And now, I will tell you about my day.

I went in to work to find my desk covered in balloons, streamers and confetti. The piece de resistance was a 2-foot long, 5 inch wide pink balloon with a shape resembling a dildo. No, I'm not kidding - people kept stopping by to wish me a happy birthday and commenting on it! I found it hilarious, of course.

Next, I got phone calls. My niece called me (aided by my sister, of course) to say happy birthday, which was extremely cute. She wasn't saying much else, so my sister finally got on the phone and we chatted briefly. Later, bestest friend Y called and sang to me, and we made plans for next week since she had plans with her family this weekend. Then I went to lunch and came back to a voicemail from my mother, letting me know that they were in Orlando and going to be staying at the Yacht and Beach Club at WDW and they'd call back later.

And then there was cake. Whenever there is a birthday on our team, they also buy a cake - candles and singing and everything. Well, they brought it over and I SQUEEEEED. I really and truly did, because they got me a HARRY POTTER CAKE! Yes, it's true - I turned 9 years old today, not 32.

Speaking of my age, the office manager came over to say happy birthday and asked me how old I was - when I told her 32 she was shocked and said, "I thought you were turning 25!!" BWAHAHAHAHAHA. Obviously the evil anti-aging spell using the blood of young virgins has worked! *snickers* Seriously, I think I look a bit younger than I am, but 7 years younger?! Not sure about that.

Finally it is time to go home, and it takes longer than usual. I also stop and pick up pizza for dinner. And then I'm like, Yay! I can open presents now! zorac sent me a card with something small in it that I received on Wednesday, but I could not open it til today of course. It was a very cute card and an even cuter little pop-up book of hugs. But more happiness - the "Super Sekrit" present he had been hinting at all week had also arrived, so I got to open that too.

And I cried. Yes, you big wonderful t00b, you made me cry.

What zorac did was make a book for me. It's called Vicki and Mark's Nimbus Adventure, and it is full of photos taken at Disney and Nimbus (with many of you all too), with captions written by Mark. It's beautifully put together and I just love it.

So I hope no one minds, but I need to say this to my boyfriend:

Thank you so much for the wonderful gifts, and thank you for being my very own hero. Je te adore. *mwah*

*sniffles* Isn't he the best?
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