July 28th, 2003


Life is just too weird.

I was walking into the building this morning when a woman with her young son was smiling at me. As I walked closer to them, I saw that she was pointing out my t-shirt, which says "Le Fleur" and has a rose stitched into it. She then said to me, "I was telling him that your shirt says "Fleur" on it - we've been reading Harry Potter, do you read that? - and he likes to call me Fleur." I just smiled and nodded at them, once again amazed at the omnipresence of HP - and also amused at myself because although I've had this shirt for about a year, I've never once thought of Fleur despite the words on the shirt.

In other news, my unemployment hearing was cancelled and will be rescheduled because the person - the judge, I guess - didn't have any of the paperwork on my case. How ridiculously stupid is that? So for all of you Californians - that is your hard-earned money at work. *disgusted*
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