July 25th, 2003


*big huge sigh of relief*

My brother got the job and starts Monday. *relaxes somewhat* This combined with the fact that I get to sleep tomorrow has me quietly very happy.

This weekend I intend to do the following:

  • Some minor grocery shopping tomorrow
  • Narrow down which apartment complexes might be doable and figure out when we can go and look at them
  • Talk to my boyfriend on the phone a few times
  • At least start to go through my things in the garage and figure out what I can throw away and what is worth keeping
  • Write up about the past couple of weeks and post pics (although I have to mention that I SUCK at taking pictures. You would not believe how many have my thumb or finger in the shot. It's pathetic, really - you should all hope that zorac did better with his digicam than I managed)
  • Sleep. A lot.

  • Speaking of which, I think I'll head off and do that last one now...
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