June 1st, 2003



There was no Literati today because the DSL died at the precise time we were to begin. I spent an hour on the phone with tech support and they couldn't fix it. My brother eventually went outside and looked at the phone cord - he says it was almost completely stripped and touching other wires. Huh. In any case, he did something and now the net is back up. About 7 hours too late. Meh. If anyone is around to play and keep me company while zorac is out of town next weekend, that would be nice - let me know.

Yesterday I did go to see my sister and niece. Lauren is so adorable. She is fascinated by saying people's names - she would say mine (usually without the "Aunt" but sometimes with) repeatedly, and I would say "Lauren" back to her. She especially did it if she couldn't see me (when we were in different rooms, for example) - I think she wanted to make sure I was still there. We went to the mall and when we were driving back, my cellphone rang. It was Mark - the first time he has ever called me (I always call him because I can get the cheapo calling card, you know), so I was sure something was wrong - but he said he'd missed a call and was afraid it was me (it wasn't). I had him say hi to Lauren, and she said "Hi Mark!" after prompting from me. After I said goodbye to Mark, Lauren repeated his name for the next 20 minutes, often asking, "Where's Mark?" It was very cute, since she does know who he is, having met him when he was last here. We had lunch, Lauren ran around for a while and then went down for her nap. My sister took a nap too - I read magazines. When Lauren got up, she came into the living room looking all sleepy, climbed into my lap and put her head on my shoulder. <333333333 That's the sort of thing that makes me think, "Hey, maybe having a baby would be nice someday..." but I think I'm content to let my sister have the kids for now.

So, yesterday was pretty good (except for the 3 hours driving each way) and today was eh. The only really good thing was talking to Mark for a few hours. While the net was down I actually watched TV with my brother and father. They were watching some HP Lovecraft movie on SciFi, Necro-something. That is some sick shit. Really really twisted. I don't like gore and by the end I felt quite ill. Ugh. I knew there was a reason I stopped watching TV.
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