May 8th, 2003



Boohoohoo! pottersginny called me fat!

Can you believe it? She's made gay slurs, racist slurs, and now sizist slurs - are there any groups left for her to insult? And it's really very sad, considering she is not exactly svelte herself. I really hate to see someone who is so lacking of acceptance in herself that she will attack that same characteristic in someone else.

At least her face reflects the ugliness of her soul. If only more people were like that - it would make it so much easier to avoid them and their cankered, black hearts.
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Long weekend with zorac! We will actually be seeing people other than just one another this time. *giggles* We are having lunch with one my closest friends, dinner with my coworkers, lunch with my parents, brother, sister and niece, and then dinner and fruity umbrella drinks with picklepuss and his lovely fiancee. We have Sunday all to ourselves, with a special thing happening then. Yay!

I will not be near a computer until Sunday, so everyone have a wonderful few days.

*runs off to airport*
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