May 4th, 2003


Scumbag returns. >:0!!!

I don't say this easily, but I really think I hate him. He's got a lot of fucking nerve to send me this email.

Somebody was telling me off at Yahoo. They discarded my accounts consecutively twice in one week without willingess to specify which
part of my pages were against which part of their Terms of Service. Consequently, I have moved to an own domain:

Robert Hanke

He is SCUM SCUM SCUM of the earth. Please, someone explain to me why you would want to link to someone who has no interest in you?

I will be trying that blocking thing today, as unfortunately the chances of getting to his new hosting company that he's most likely paying for are slim to none.

EDITED TO ADD: MY BOYFRIEND IS A GOD. People coming from the sickfuck's site won't be seeing mine. :> *snogs Mark lots*
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