February 24th, 2003


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I didn't wake up on purpose, but I got the news I was waiting for, and now I'm not supposed to be up for 2 more hours, and I don't know if I can go back to sleep now.

*bounces around like a loon*
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I won't sleep, I can't breathe - until you're resting here with me

Today was a very disjointed but decent day. The weather turned suddenly cold and snowy again, resulting in ridiculous traffic that made me half an hour late to work - and I had a meeting at exactly that time. Thank everything my boss is understanding. We're going to be supporting a new software product, so yay for more training. It looks like I may actually put some of what I learned in that grad school-level finance course to use. Of course, that will mean that I'll have to remember it...

In much happier news, one of my best friends had her baby!! If you would like to look upon his cuteness, please Collapse )

And now, I have a request of you. I want to know what your favorite happy songs are. I need some happy songs. Tell me what song always makes you smile, that you love to sing along to, that just makes you want to bounce around the room. I look forward to your comments. >:D
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