February 20th, 2003


This is just a little bit odd...

As many of you have seen, I have a personal website. It's just one of those "HEY LOOK AT ME" pages with my interests, interesting links, and photos of me. Well, I do have one of my five zillion email addresses on the site, and I occasionally will get emails, ranging from other women who are thankful to see a woman who is (mostly) confident despite not being society's ideal, to men telling me I'm beautiful. I generally just write back and say thank you, because it is flattering, but ultimately these people don't know me really.

So this week, I've gotten 3 emails from men telling me how beautiful I am, how much they want me, what they can give me, begging me to respond to them, etc, etc, etc. All of them are different and certainly could not be spam. The kicker? They're ALL from Germany. Germany! *wants mushy emails from the UK* Which leads me to the following question:

tobymalfoy, have you been pimping me out?!?! >:0!!!!!!!!!!!

In other exciting news, I got the candles I ordered about a month ago today - a banana nut scented one, a hazelnut scented one, and a pineapple coconut scented one. Yummy.

I think altricial has collapsed, so we'll have to see about the het fic tomorrow. Hopefully it isn't too crap. >:D
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