February 15th, 2003


My day, or it's this early and already I've had so much fun

First, please check this out. It is very tongue-in-cheek, but it was partially inspired by me, and I am just beyond flattered. No one's ever done anything as any sort of tribute to my fics, and while this was just one pairing, I feel rather honored.

I finally went to bed after 4 am, even though certain people tried to convince me to stay up. As predicted, my parents woke me up around 10 am when they came to the kitchen to make coffee, etc, so I just went ahead and got up. I then did the following:

- Went to the post office. anatsuno, I am SO sorry, but the idiots at the USPS kept sending your valentine back to ME instead of to Lux!! I mailed it twice and put double the postage on! So I had to go in there and ASK them why. >:0!! You should get it next week, love.

- Went to the bank to open savings account, so I can keep better track of money for Morri!Weekend and Nimbus. Also got info on where to exchange dollars for pounds before my trip. Saw a father with twin boys and went AWWWWWWWWWWW TWINS. Internally so as to not scare them.

- Went to Circuit City to get CDRs and floppies. However, it seems queerasjohn had gotten his insidious fingers into the store, because the only floppies they had were MAC formatted! >:0! No floppies means no pics with digital camera. Wah. However, have CDRs and if I can get the &*($@! network to work again, I can burn more copies of Morri's Ultimate 80's Collection (tm).

- Went to Border's to find a couple of books. I had to ask for help as it wasn't clear what section they'd be in, and the people were very nice. I rather think the guy was flirting with me. Then when I went to check out, I asked if they were staying open late for the release of OotP, and they are. \:D/ So I have reserved a copy there as well, and happened to mention that I was getting a UK copy too, and the clerk wanted to know how. Yes, I outed my HP geek self.

Now, I think I'll go phone Oxford for a while again. Tomorrow I'm getting a pedicure, as my own Valentine gift to myself.

Lovely day really. How was yours?
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