February 12th, 2003


Queerly, Illnois is cooler than I knew (and other stuff)

Apologies to the people I was talking to last night. The net connection was completely dead (the wind has been ridiculous and a lot of people lost power in their homes, so I suppose if all we lost was the net I shouldn't bitch, but...) and I just gave up and went to bed. I'll be on YM and AIM today so we can hopefully finish those conversations.

LiveJournal Valentines! You know you want to.

I'm not certain if this is something that is done in other countries, but here in the US we have yearbooks in high school (and sometimes middle school). A yearbook has everyone's class picture, plus the photos of the drama club, sports teams, etc etc etc. The relevant part is coming, I promise. One of the things that most schools do is the senior class will vote on things like "Most Popular," "Most Likely to Succeed," and "Class Clown," among others. Well, a high school here in Crete, Illinois, did this vote and for the "Cutest Couple," the vote was overwhelmingly for a couple consisting of two girls. The school administration was going to dismiss the results, but the student body protested and the administration gave in. How incredibly cool is THAT?! Teenagers like these just make my heart swell. But then again, Illinois was the first state to repeal the sodomy laws, so perhaps it's not so surprising.

And no, I'm NOT going to tell you what I was voted in school.

I'm hoping the net connection will be back up tonight, and that I can find Smallville to download. I'm not reading any of your posts about it as I hate being spoiled.
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I've been thinking... scary.

Someone told me recently that they think that while my LJ is truly representative of the person I am, I only seem deeper once you actually talk to me. So I suppose that's part of the reason I'm posting this. I'm not certain what the other part of the reason is yet.

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I remembered something that I promised to tobymalfoy on my way home from work and my heart about stopped, because I think he will try to collect over Morri!Weekend if he remembers. :(( Oh hell, I think I promised the same thing to queerasjohn. They will gang up on me. I. Am. Doomed.
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