February 10th, 2003



I am stuck at work while the world outside turns white (GAAAAAAAAAAH DAMN SNOW), and I am bored, bored, BORED. I cannot get on YM today, so if you have AIM and would like to talk to me, I'm HermioneforReal.

(and yes, that is a hint to those who were having problems with YM crashing their systems - perhaps AIM is more stable?)

But seriously...anyone... need entertainment. Did not sleep well at all last night - went to bed too late, woke up way too early because I wasn't feeling well, and didn't make it to work early enough to stop for the 4-shot espresso latte I really could've used.

Will now stop whinging because it's just not pretty.
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No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!

A note to anyone who still wonders - petulans has been disqualified in the "Who Will Marry Morri?" contest as it has been determined he is practically jailbait. There seem to still be two players in the game, so unless a late entry shows up, it'll be between those two, although I don't see how it's fair that I have to choose. And just when and how did my life become a reality show?

Work sucked today. Nuff said about that.

Had to go to the grocery store after work, as I forgot that the monthly potluck at work is tomorrow. I thought it was Wednesday, but no. I have the Appetizer course, so I bought Havarti and Brie cheeses, some water crackers, and Swedish meatballs. I imagine that will sound good tomorrow but right now I'm on the outs with food.

Other than that, I am feeling rather moody and annoyed with myself, so I'm going to not write anything else so I don't make you all want to smack me around. Although it might help, really. -.-
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