February 8th, 2003


Well THAT was unexpected.

In what has got to be the strangest set of comments EVER, I seem to have gotten married to Toby AND turned him straight.

Sadly, Toby seems to have missed out on the important things when it comes to a marriage. For one, I did not get a decent marriage proposal! One minute we're having wild LJ sex and the next starcrossedgirl has married us.

Where is the romance?! Where are the wine and roses and whispered sweet nothings? Where, I ask you?

And then there's the fact that I have no ring. HELLO?! The ring is rather important. As a hint, I'll let you know that I like opals, not diamonds.

I mean, honestly - do I look that cheap and easy to you? If you want to marry a woman of my quality you have to work at it. I have no problem with the sex or any of that, but marriage... that's a big deal. Not to mention I'm sure that Toby would want me to take his name, and have you SEEN his last name?? I just don't know.

Love's a wonderful thing, as Michael Bolton once said, but let's not lose sight of the important things here. Any men think they can do better than Toby? I'm willing to be fought over.
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